Hope Blossoms Still


Photo by Bessie Senette

I find myself wondering recently about what it would take for me, a woman of deep faith in Divine Right Order, to become hopeless. Are there not enough global horrors already for that to happen? Then, the evil strikes so close to home that I awaken each day asking what next? I could so easily succumb to the numbness that threatens every aspect of me. Have I become too soul weary to hope for love to conquer all evil? That is the belief that sustains me —  that love always prevails.

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Mère Mère

The smile is rare

Captured long ago

Before the bitterroot

Bent her mouth the other way.

How many tragic beats

Does it take a heart

To crystalize?

The Great Depression

Three dead babies

War threatening
A favorite son

The yellow fever


The shoulders
I stand on seem invincible

Do I know what it would take

To freeze my mouth?

                                                            © 2016 Bessie Adams Senette


If you spell guru out loud you will hear, ” Gee You Are You.” All that we need to guide us through life is a connection to our truest self. Any decision we make that is based on someone else’s  belief will have consequences that might be good in the short term but eventually will fail us. If you don’t know what to believe or who to trust, you have probably lost your ability to trust yourself. You were born with that ability and all you need to know lives within your own heart.

imagesDon’t Call Me Eve and Then Curse Adam

Don’t credit me for your successes then curse me for your failures.

My job is just to point to the apple.

I have no role in whether you bite or not.

Make a choice and let the consequences teach you the next step.

If you think your choices don’t matter,

Ask yourself why the ancients created all those gods to worship —-

They wanted a puppeteer to blame or sing praises to.

Even then, no one wanted responsibility

And no one understood the Great Mystery.

That hasn’t changed.

The words fate and destiny speak of interconnection,

But we just want control —-

Someone else to bite the apple

So we can say, “See, I told you so.”

If our paths cross and you credit fate

Because all you found here was love,

Will you blame me when I’m gone?

Look inside yourself for the answers,

Trust that any choice you make will have consequences,

Good or bad, own them.

Don’t call me Eve and then curse Adam.

I bit the apple because I wanted its sweetness.

He bit the apple because he didn’t want to be alone.

Don’t feel sorry for either of us,

We navigated the consequences well

Even if the story people still tell about us

Is that we created hell.

Hell is real but we each create our own.


© 2016 Bessie Adams Senette