Changing and Unchanging


“The people in town talk about the unseasonable weather as if they and only they can.”* As if the world of humanity hasn’t been pillaging and polluting their cadie for centuries. Planet earth groans with the weight of our species. Cracking open treacherous, rain-filled vortices, spewing toxic gases from the underworld as though begging for our attention. The tears of Gaia overflowing riverbanks, melting glaciers raising water levels to destructive depths, all the while we wade deeper into denial.

When hurricanes devastate our neighborhoods we pay attention for a little while then soon fall asleep while others around the globe awaken to their own disasters.

Are any disasters truly natural ones or do we contribute to them all? What cataclysm will it take to awaken us all to authentic empathy for our precious earthly home, its people, its creatures? History does not bear witness to the probability of that awakening but perhaps future avatars will prevail. My hope rest in them.

*Debra Bailey- writing prompt 10-5-16

Mothers Pray, What Else Can They Do?

The color green

Forms a core of strength in cruciform

At the bridge of her nose

She holds her infant

Gently in the crux of her arm

Swaddled there sleeping


Praying for a boy child

Born into a world of hate


She reaches for heaven’s gate


Calling down

Ancestors, angels, and grace

To remember him now in this

Space of peaceful bliss


To walk with him

When what it means to be him

Awakens to what others think he is


Swirling violet ribbons into her love prayer

As they answer her desperate call

The ancients, spectral wisp,

Gather around, above and below

Dispelling doubt and tantalizing hope


She knows to teach him how to stand

Means watching him fall

Watching him break

Watching him forget


This moment

“This placement in faith.”

after Dennis Paul Williams’ “Placement in Faith” from “The Road to Indigo”

© 2016 Bessie Adams Senette