Even rocks smile

When left to nature

Gurgling symphony

For river fish dance

Ice flow backdrop


Water so clear

You want to drink

Until every desiccated cell

Remembers life before the drought


Hibernate here

Watch scenes

Change endlessly

From morning to sunset

Day after day


Defiance is futile

Nothing stops this

Not when Noah filled the ark

Not when Katrina

Broke that levee


We begin in water

We will end there

Dust must reach some shore

Nowhere is change more evident

Than at this river’s edge


I watch

Boulders become rocks

Rocks become pebbles

All mountains

Eventually become sand

Published by

Bessie Senette

Bessie Senette is the author of Cutting the Clouds: a Bayou Mystic’s Poems, Musings, and Imaginings – an autobiographical collection of poems and essays about the life and culture of her bayou upbringing and the spirituality that informs her traditional healing gifts. Her current work-in-progress is Louisiana Pines: Homeland Poems and Vignettes; a chapbook that poetically explores her beloved home state.

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