October Theme: Falling Part 4

Original art by Bessie Senette “Paper Wings”

Paper Wings

Is the earth falling or am I rising?

Paper wings catch the wind,

Be forever a gentle breeze, I pray.

Lift me from lowly places

Unburden this skin

Grown too tight for spirit form,

Captured long ago by longing for

Dragon flight in ground fog.

This weight–

This wait–

Too heavy for speedy travel,

Too slow for waking dreams.

New desires entice me now–

Free-falling into the abyss

With wings to fly.

© 2015 Bessie Adams Senette

Published by

Bessie Senette

Bessie Senette is the author of Cutting the Clouds: a Bayou Mystic’s Poems, Musings, and Imaginings – an autobiographical collection of poems and essays about the life and culture of her bayou upbringing and the spirituality that informs her traditional healing gifts. Her current work-in-progress is Louisiana Pines: Homeland Poems and Vignettes; a chapbook that poetically explores her beloved home state.

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