December Posting #2

Mending Me

I am first a seeker

Searching without for so long,

I have now come to seek within.

I am next a spirit.

Captured by human form,

Whispering wisdom so my soul will carry on.

I am almost a butterfly,

Having spent my caterpillar days devouring life,

I settle into chrysalis now, awaiting wings to fly.

I am that which knows itself as one with all that is.

Though some days splintered forms of me

Are scattered by the wind.

I am absent in Holy Presence and present in unholy absence.

I am longing and satisfying.

I am creation and creator.

I am healer and healed.

I am that which I seek but only rarely find.

I am sound.

I am color.

I am movement sometimes huge as a tidal wave,

Sometimes, an infinitesimal shimmer.

I am black as the void,

And more brilliant than the sun.

I am born, and borne, and born again,

And death too represents itself in me.

I am torn and tattered flesh.

Like a weeping willow I bend.

But I hold a truth so solid that I am on the mend.

Life knows its name when I speak it,

For in me, it finds true meaning.

I am, and that I am is enough.

© 2015 Bessie Adams Senette



Photo by Trudy Gomez

Published by

Bessie Senette

Bessie Senette is the author of Cutting the Clouds: a Bayou Mystic’s Poems, Musings, and Imaginings – an autobiographical collection of poems and essays about the life and culture of her bayou upbringing and the spirituality that informs her traditional healing gifts. Her current work-in-progress is Louisiana Pines: Homeland Poems and Vignettes; a chapbook that poetically explores her beloved home state.

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